America Discount Clearance is committed to respecting user’s privacy and expect them to do the same. America Discount Clearance will respond to any kind of copyright infringement and study the respective cases. No content must be copied unless there was a previous consent. Additionally, any other content that isn’t America Discount Clearance property must be informed. In no way does our company claim ownership or responsibility for this kind of item.

Copyright issues

America Discount Clearance really cares about privacy issues. If we realize someone has used some of our content, texts, images or has copied our website without our permission. Furthermore, we will have to face legal problems. To notify about copyright issues send an email or fax. Above all, we don’t like to deal with any copyright problems.


America Discount Clearance won’t tolerate any kind of data-stealing from other users, therefore, this will result in an instant IP ban. We respect clients privacy so before using your data, we will send a request. America Discount Clearance will use any type of data if it is required for facing legal issues. Additionally, any kind of data-stealing may result in some serious problem for the person.


To notify us about any type of trademark infringement. Please notify us with the next information:

  • The specific trademark that is being infringed.
  • Where to find the trademark that is being infringed.
  • Your name, email address, and address.
  • The serial of registration of the trademark.

Trademark picture America Discount Clearance

Our response

America Discount Clearance will take very seriously any copyright issues. Consequently, if we are infringing any type of copyright such as:

  • Using the user’s content.
  • Any type of copyrighted images.
  • Data that can’t be shared.

Please notify us through the contact us page. Any problem should be informed before it goes any further.