Are there any shipping fees?

America Discount Clearance doesn’t take care of shipping fees issues. For that reason, shipping fees can vary depending on the product and the discounts.

How long is the shipping?

We work with third-party companies that’s why we don’t take care of any shipping issues. So please any problems regarding shipping and problems with delay shipped products contact the provider.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Usually, shipping costs are calculated depending on the place you live and the product that you are buying. Obviously, a product’s height, weight and the distance of the customer city are taken into account. Normally it doesn’t exceed the price of 5$ as providers may think that is worthless to put more price.

How do I track my order shipping?

Usually, a tracker is provided in every order you make. For that reason, you won’t have any problem in knowing where is your product at every moment. Additionally, a tracker is provided both by the postal service and third-party websites.

Will the ordering of more products at once affect my delivery?

No, the delivery will go all in one. So you don’t have to worry about ordering more than one product at once because products will be delivered at the same time. Although it may have different trackers for different products.

Where does America Discount Clearance ship to?

As mentioned before, we don’t take care of our shipping and depending on the product the shipping places can change. For that reason, every product can ship to different places, although normally there is worldwide shipping.

What if I need my order faster?

Normally there are a lot of orders that are being transitioned, so there can’t be a product transaction, however, you can contact the provider to ask for more information about this problem.

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