I have seen an item but no longer appears?

America Discount Clearance really wants an updated site, for that reason we change every product to have more versatility. Consequently, you won’t see any product for a long time. If you want product information, please contact us.

What countries do you ship to?

Our company doesn’t really take care of the shipping issues, we work with a third party website. As a result, they will take care of your shipping issue. Additionally, we can tell you that they usually ship worldwide, so the country isn’t a problem.

An item missing from my order

America Discount Clearance works with third-party applications and we do not take care of any problems that don’t involve as directly. As a result, any kind of item missing or that hasn’t been delivered please contact the provider. We don’t take full responsibility about orders missing or shipping that hasn’t been completed.

How do I pay for my order?

Usually, the third-party company will provide you with an easy way to pay for your orders. Additionally, it offers any kind of debit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express and even Paypal. The payment won’t be an issue if that’s really what you are asking.

I just made an order can I cancel it?

For this problem, you will have to contact third-party companies that we are working with. America Discount Clearance doesn’t take full responsibility for this problem, because we don’t take care of the shipping issues and the packaging of the product.

Has my order been shipped?

Usually, there is a shipping tracker to see where is your product. For that reason, you can check if your product has already arrived at its destination or is still being shipped.

My product still hasn’t arrived in 7-14 days

We really care about the user’s comfort and provide fast shipping. Although, sometimes there’s a lot of traffic and lots of products are being ordered. Because of that, some items may take longer to ship at your home. But don’t worry, products are still shipping and will arrive sooner or later!

Are the brands authentic?

America Discount Clearance searches for quality and clients satisfaction, so all of our products are authentic and the brands are the real ones, although some discounts may seem impressive, we can assure there’s no scam there.