You should really take a look at our support policies.

Our team

We provide some of the greatest support systems out there. If you are tired of long responses with no accurate answer, here we are to help you. While we are a company that works with third-party websites seems like we can still help you with some problems you are facing. Our support team won’t disappoint you for the reason that we are a very serious and hard-working team.


You should always provide us with accurate and correct information about your data when filling a support form because this way will be easier for us to help you, therefore, you will receive the help faster than your counterparts, the ones who put fake information. This can get you a ban and your entrance to this website will be forbidden.

Contact us with kind and nice words, otherwise, your message will be deleted and your request can be put away. We don’t want to deal with any kind of angry person and someone who won’t listen to our suggestions, above all, we search for respect and honesty. Understand that we are just doing our work and that we don’t want any blaming from outside parties either.


Any type of spam to our inbox and the access to this website and our services will be completely forbidden for you. Don’t try any foolishness and you will save time for our support team and for you. Also, we have protection for any kind of spam. Your ban will be automatically done and we will not discuss anything further.

Business requests

America Discount Clearance accepts any kind of business offer and we are glad you reach us for any suggestions on how to improve our work. America Discount Clearance accepts any constructive review.

Team support