Universal tracking packages service

America Discount Clearance wants a good image and a nice reputation for the customer. For that reason, we have chosen different packaging services for different countries. For every country, the best shipping services are chosen and send directly to your house.

Tracking packages

America Discount Clearance work with third-party applications which offers to track for every product you order. Apart from that, the tracking system will tell you when does the product come out of the factory and in which country is at in every moment. You won’t have to worry about where is your package and if it is lost anywhere. Also, every anxiety about where the product is at every moment will be dissipated.

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Our security provides that only you can access your packaging tracking. Everything will be private for you and your account. Although if you want to access your delivery company and access your tracking through there a tracking code will be provided for you. Please always provide true and trustable information about your personal details, otherwise, your order can be undelivered and we can cancel it without previous warnings.

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