Damaged items

If your item arrives damaged or isn’t working properly, companies will offer you a reimbursement system. In which you can choose if you want your money back or just another item returned. All returns must be authorized before they are accepted. Probably your return will come with a product code which you will have to introduce it inside the box. After that, you will have to ship it to the direction we give you or someone will come to your house and take the product that you want to return.

Wrong items

America Discount Clearance will accept any returned items and if the item send is wrong we will resend it for you to change. We will decide if you need to cover shipping fees after all items are send. Normally we don’t ask for any shipping fees, but that depends on the place you are currently living.

Lifetime support

Once you buy one of our products you will get a lifetime support, where you can ask for help to our team and they will be glad to help you. Help will be given and any type of questions you have about warranties and returns will be answered. Please if you ahve any questions answer us and we will be glad to help you.


30 day money back guarantee

Usually we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Normally, you will only be able to return products within this period time. If more time has passed we may not answer you or reject your return request. Respect America Discount Clearance system and you won’t be losing any time. The reason of this is because after 30 days lots of things can happen to the object and won’t be a factory defect.

Special product warranty

Nearly all of the America Discount Clearance products that we promote have been already proved to be working. Items are quality controlled. If you receive any damaged item or missing item, contact us before 3 days of delivery, otherwise it will be much harder for us to accept your warranty. Return of spare parts will not be tolerated and they are not accepted. You can take a picture or record a video to show us exactly all of the problems, so we can take care of it and accept your request more easily.